New Racket Range

The exciting new range of Karakal rackets have arrived.
Please feel free to contact us for information and to check the availability of our demo rackets.

Karakal Fast Fibre Squash Racket 
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If you play three or more times per week it is recommended that you should restring your racket at least three times per year.
This is due to the fact that all strings loose their elasticity and therefore their performance.
So whether it is Squash, Racketball, Tennis or Badminton give us a call to discuss which type of string will suit your game best.

2021 Rackets Now In Stock

Backswing Restringing and Sales

Model Weight Price
Raw-130 130gms £45
Raw-120 120gms £50
Raw-110 110gms £60
T-120 FF 120gms £75
Core 110 110gms £90
Core Pro 120gms £100
Air Power 120gms £70
Air Speed 120gms £70
AirTouch 120gms £70
S-Pro Elite 125gms £100
Tec Pro Elite 125gms £100
FF150 Racketball 150gms £50
FF160 Racketball 160gms £55
FF170 Racketball 170gms £60
Shadow 155 Racketball 155gms £90
Shadow 165 Racketball 165gms £95


Also in the Karakal range and available by request
SN90 FF / S100 FF / Pro Hybrid / CSX Tour / CSX Junior
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